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Singing Lessons


Do you or a loved one have superstar qualities? Do you love singing under the shower and know every lyric to the songs on the radio? Would you like to offer your child (or yourself!) singing lessons as a new hobby or to fulfill a lifelong dream? Let Académie de musique de LaSalle help you develop your full potential with private singing lessons. Not only will we adapt our methods and tools to your specific voice range, but our seasoned teachers know how to help every student strengthen their instrument with vocal training, while minding vocal health. Indeed, we made it our priority that every student knows the best practices and habits when singing, like the physiology behind vocals, breathing techniques, voice control, the right vocal exercises and the correct posture to adopt. Our teachers can also provide tailored training on phonation, vocal resonation (projection), diction, registration, sustention, legato (flow), vibrato and coloratura (voice colouring). As the student emphasizes in music theory, the teacher will be able to instruct on sight singing and notation.


How we help our students to be better?

When opting for private singing lessons at the Académie de musique de LaSalle, we help our students strive to be better, by practicing vocal exercises, and songs, chosen according to their specific voice profile, at their own pace. Our teachers will also help the student drive towards creativity or even to hit that special note, all while maintaining vocal chord health.


Established in LaSalle since 1977, our academy prides itself with a faculty of distinguished musician teachers who trained several students to higher learnings and even towards awards and distinctions, and from building its very passionate and diverse community of talented artists throughout the years.


Our teachers and staff will accompany you with mindful help when choosing the right singing lessons, offered in French and English, according to the level of the student. Also, we’ll recommend the right learning books and equipments to purchase. We can even do it for you! One payment, no hassle. Finally, with every class, the students obtain two free weekly 30-minute practice sessions at the school, and when purchasing a group of lessons, can benefit from special discounts and reduced rates. Let’s work together hand-in-hand by offering a loved one, the gift of finding their voice! 

Singing Lessons
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