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"I was a vocal student at the academy some years ago, when I was just beginning my career as a singer, songwriter and performer (the producer part came afterwards).

I had the wonderful opportunity to study with Louis for a while. The techniques and approaches I learned at that crucial time of my vocal and artistic development have helped me through my entire career. The tenets I learned from Louis, I passed on to countless young singers of a number of generations.

I used what I learned from Louis to reach troubled youth through music, enabling them to have a voice, literally and figuratively.

I used what I learned to work with autistic children, rap singers and band members.

I have survived numerous tours, heavy studio hours, late night gigs, early morning recordings.

I have learned to respect and retain my voice, honing my abilities over the years, all stemming back from what I learned at the academy and in that studio."

- Elana Harte

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